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Free Loan Pre-Approval

From the beginning, HomeServices Lending has strived to go above and beyond expectations.  We believe that to stand out from the crowd, you must go that extra mile.  That is why we offer free, personalized evaluations of what you can afford in a home or advice in determining whether refinancing is a smart option.  We use the very latest in technology to provide firm loan approvals within minutes of the application.  Our customers can also apply online.  We streamline the process and can have a borrower ready to close within days rather than weeks.  We work to maintain the very best offering of products and the most competitive rates and are constantly looking for new ways to achieve totally satisfied customers.  Contact us  today and experience the HomeServices Lending difference. 


  • Is more than prequalification - you receive a written commitment which specifies the amount you can borrow.
  • Confirms your purchasing power.  Your RealtySouth agent and home seller will be reassured that you are a serious buyer, an important point in a competitive market.
  • Provides peace of mind.  You will know you can afford the home you want, and that your mortgage application will progress smoothly. 
  • Is easy.  Arrange an appointment with a HomeServices Lending Consultant to help you select the type of mortgage which meets your needs.  It only takes about an hour and an inexpensive credit report.
  • Saves time in your purchase of a home.  You'll be ready to buy when you find the home of your dreams.
  • Use a HomeServices Lending Preapproval to make your dream home a reality.

Pre-Approval Checklist

The following items may be needed to process your HomeServices Lending Preapproval.  Your mortgage consultant will identify the items you need to provide.

  1. W-2's from the last two years.
  2. Current pay stub - one month.
  3. Self-Employment Borrowers: two years tax returns (all schedules).  If applicable, please provide Corporate or Partnership returns. Also, a Profit and Loss Statement and Year-to-Date balance sheet will be necessary.
  4. Bank and Stock Statements - two most recent months, or last quarterly statement.
  5. Rental Agreement or two years tax returns if you own more than three properties.  Also, provide name and mailing address of the lender, loan number, current balance and estimated value.
  6. Account numbers, balances and monthly payment amounts on all revolving or installment debts.
  7. If applicable, a copy of your divorce decree.
  8. Completed  loan application  form
  9. Signed Disclosure Forms.